What Is A Mecha Quartz Movement?

What Is A Mecha Quartz Movement?

What is a Mecha Quartz watch, and why have these styles become so popular? We take a look at this question and try to answer it for you
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The Mecha Quartz Watch has become an increasingly popular timepiece movement amongst an array of luxury watch brands. Yet, while buyers might think they know what Mecha Quartz means, they may struggle to explain it when required. This is understandable, as the Mecha Quartz movement is much more than meets the eye. So what is a Mecha Quartz watch, and why have these styles become so popular? 

Mecha Quartz Movement is a hybrid watch movement that combines precision and performance to deliver a timepiece that makes the most of two movements all the while working from the same battery. Typically, you will find Mecha Quartz movement in chronograph watches, and there are examples of this throughout the watchmaking industry. 

VK64 Mechanical Quartz watch movement

How Do Mecha Quartz Watches Work?

Mecha Quartz watches work differently from ‘traditional’ watches, and there are a few distinctions you can search for if you want to determine whether a timepiece uses Mecha Quartz movement. 

The most obvious example is the second-hand movement. While standard watches will have a second hand that clearly moves in a tick-tock motion, Mecha Quartz watches are more elegant. Rather than stutter around the dial, the seconds hand on Mecha Quartz watches sweeps gracefully. 

Those who are more in-tune with the machinations of watches can look deeper into the watch parts and assembly. As Mecha Quartz watches operate using both Quartz Movement and mechanical movement, the two movements work in tandem to create a special and impressive operation that makes these watches some of the most appealing in the industry. 

With a Mecha Quartz watch, the quartz movement handles timekeeping while the stopwatch is controlled by the mechanical module, with both pieces run by the battery. 

This partnership offers substantial benefits, both in terms of style and timekeeping efficiency, and with Automatic Movement, owners can also enjoy easier watch maintenance as there is no need for manual winding. 

Quartz Or Mechanical?

It’s useful to know what to look for when searching for the perfect accessory. When conjuring the benefits of quartz versus the benefits of mechanical movement. Quartz movement is more accurate and these watches require little maintenance. Mechanical movement is less complicated and their longevity makes them ideal for family heirlooms. 

A Mechanical Quartz Hybrid brings the best of both movements together. These watches are often slimmer and both more durable and more reliable, which makes them easier to maintain and ensure rapid servicing if required. These qualities make Mecha Quartz Watches such an appealing option for passionate horologists or simply those looking for the ideal timepiece to enhance their style. 

Whether you’re searching for an everyday watch or a timepiece that enhances your style for special occasions, we offer a range of high-quality products to suit all styles.

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