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A Tribute to The Apollo Landing

Time & Space

Time and space have always been interlinked in the furthering of mankind as a species, and this is no more evident than in the Limited Edition Swan & Edgar Hand Assembled World Timer Automatic men’s watch, which allows you the unique perspective of viewing all time zones no matter where you are stood on our planet, or indeed amongst the stars.

It boasts a hand-assembled 163 part 20 jewel movement representing the precision involved with transporting man to otherworldly destinations. The Day, Date, Month and 24 hour function balance the familiarity of Earth with celestial bodies’ time accelerating and decelerating, while the rotating tachymeter bezel measures time and distance that seem immaterial in space. These border the Night sky with stars dial, alongside Mars, Moon and Earth subdials that represent a mere fraction of what we know.

Finally, the caseback has a unique engraved Astronaut Landing motif that represents the steady steps of mankind’s galactic discoveries with every rotation, and is complemented by a stainless steel bracelet with logo buckle. A new space age is fast approaching, and this watch allows you to witness it in real time.

Jesús Manuel Muñoz Tejeda is a SPACE Propulsion Engineer at the European Space Agency


I believe space contains the answer to some of the most fundamental humanity questions we have always asked ourselves: Why are we here? What is beyond us? It was this inherent curiosity of the humankind which made me devote my life to space exploration. From Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland and now the United Kingdom, I left my home, family, social life and comfort zone to always look for new challenges. Right now, I am working for Imperial College London and the European Space Agency to develop a propulsion system for spacecraft using water as a propellant. Water is cheap, ubiquity, environmentally friendly and its use does not compromise the environment, bringing the sustainable production of satellites closer to a reality. Indeed, space technologies shape the global population, in ways many cannot immediately notice.

I am delighted to see that Swan & Edgar wants to bring us closer to space and inspire new people to journey beyond our immediate horizon. Precision, cutting-edge technology and commitment are equally fundamental to stepping onto Mars and to watchmaking. I can only thank the world for inspiring me and I encourage any space enthusiast to work under the pillars of strength, dedication and curiosity. Together we bring a better tomorrow.


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