My father enjoyed a long and successful career in the watch industry. It truly was and is his passion. I recount many memories of him showing off his wonderous watch collection to me as a child. His fascination for unique watches became part of his identity and an extension of his character.

A good watch elevates who you are, I feel naked without one on my wrist!’ - Antoni Fields, Father & Designer

I have always been fascinated by the way a watch can be such a powerful medium for
self-expression. My father’s watch would be noticed and admired by others leading to countless conversations and connections with interesting people. His watches created meaningful memories and important bonds.


Our brand takes
inspiration from the late Swan & Edgar store which my father and his father adored. The conic store was situated in the heart of London’s West End. Its products showcased British craftsmanship with the mission of delivering unique, unmatched products to uplift
the public – a sentiment that runs deep within our brand today. The store survived two World Wars, supplied the Royal Family, leading servicemen and sportsmen representing a key part of British history which is celebrated in each of our timepieces.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the most unique yet elegant watches, elevating your style and self-expression. We are focused on making watches that enhance lives and create meaningful connections, as they have for my family.

Simply put, we create watches that get you noticed, for the right reasons.

Each Swan & Edgar watch is inspired by the iconic heritage, style and charm of Great Britain, the country we are so proud of.